The journey is gaining confidence with 

   1. self    2.  family and    3.  society

  ​   Psychotherapy

The word psychotherapy stems from the words psyche and healing, meant to describe the healing of the soul, or self.

We live in a chaotic world where many groups can be misled in efforts to gain inclusion.  Our instincts often misguide us.  Psychotherapy seeks understanding of an individuals’s self and how new life skills can be developed to find one’s way within our chaotic world.

Azure’s practice of psychotherapy is founded from a base of Sociometry, the study of our cultural order, group and individual interaction.  A person often seeks psychotherapy with feelings of impairment.  The healing of this feeling can best be reached by gaining awareness of influences that surround a person’s world.  The “seen” and the “unseen” must be given full vision:  the cooperation of heart and mind, and knowledge of when healthy interaction with others is possible.

Acceptance of power to change launches the path of wellness.  Dr. Moreno, founder of Sociometry, had a motto,  “It takes a long time to create a healthy self.”  Sometimes the length of the “long time” has already been lived prior to the start up of psychotherapy.  Many individuals gain the balance that they seek within a brief treatment sequence.

A difficult history need not be an impediment to wellness.  It can hold promise as a catalyst of change bringing strength, wisdom and skill, a tool kit for living well.