Episode 4 I want to tell someone off

                    and I want them to listen:               https://youtu.be/BtWkiTwLMTQ

Episode 3, Part 1  ​The Driving Urge to Win:       https://youtu.be/avmGYAz-jjQ

Episode 1  How Arguments Get Started:            https://youtu.be/vdLagfMX8IU

Episode 3, Part 2 The Problem With Winning:  https://youtu.be/ovyJNzuI2OY

​​​​​​​​​​​​Episode 2  ​Dealing With a Feeling Hijack:           https://youtu.be/9La2qstbb_I

Tips From the Tool Box for Dealing With Angry Feelings Youtube Series

  A series of brief 90 second episodes