Azure has researched and practiced innovative approaches to successful anger resolution for 20 years.  Her book, "Fielding Anger" is a guide to use, more than a book to read, a personal tool. No two individuals will use it the same way, but the many who choose to field anger will include themselves in a new climate of fresh air for a living breathing world.

"My work is a quest to guide individuals, couples and families towards harmony.  I have discovered that the power of self-inclusion is a missing link in many areas of distress.   Self-Inclusion is a practice of not just waiting to be included with others, but bringing oneself deeper into the heart of the matter at hand.  Our culture needs to incorporate this skill.  It is a thrill for me to see individuals gain life enhancement with this learned practice." 

Fielding Anger was published in April, 2014.  A revised publication, March 2017 will soon be available.  

            Azure Forte, LMFT, LMHC, CP

                        Psychotherapist, So‚Äčciometrist           

Sociometry is the study of group and individual wellness.